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Red Carpet Brows - Hits And Misses

Ah, now that the Emmy's are over, it's time for all the fashion mags and critics to weigh in on everyone's fashion hits and misses, best beauty looks from manicures to hairstyles and makeup...but, why isn't anyone talking about the BROWS???

I mean they're only, quite literally the most important feature on your face! Brows can really make or break a look. Depending on how you style your brows, it can make you appear sophisticated and elegant, like a total Emmy-winner, or quite frankly, completely out to lunch!

So let's break down the best & worst brows of the Emmy's!


First up, Elizabeth Olsen. Not only did we love her in Emmy-nominated WandaVision and the Avengers movies, but we absolutely loved her simplified elegant brows. Elizabeth has often commented that she prefers a very natural type of look. Her brows are uber soft, natural and fluffy; creating an overall elegant and sophisticated look - her style epitomizes what our Sélee brand stands for! We give her brows a two thumbs up!

Next, is this gorgeous creature, Yara Shahidi. I mean if she isn't the perfect brand model or ambassador for our Sélee Brow Lamination Kit, I don't know who is! I PERFECTION! The bright green dress against her dark hair, the green eye makeup, bronzy lip and then paired with the most wispy, fluffy and soft brows! I hope she received one of our kits from our pre-Emmy's gifting lounge! Yara, if you did, and if this is the result of our brow lamination kit, hit us up!

WOW! A total 10/10!

Not only did Michaela Coel win an Emmy, but she's a winner in our brow book! The one disadvantage that Black women and Asian women have, is that we don't have a lot of brow hairs. The brow hairs that we do have, are often short and sparse. But, Michaela is totally rocking that full, elegant and naturally fluffy brow. It's exactly what we try to achieve with our brow lamination kit! Whoever did her makeup, did an amazing job! You can see that her existing brow hairs have been brushed up to create that Sélee fluff we love so much. And a very soft powder (likely) was applied to fill in any gaps. Well done!

Anya Taylor-Joy from the Queen's Gambit has really been killing the red carpets with her looks! She's another hit for us! Her brows show the versatility that can be achieved with our at-home Brow Lamination Kit. She kept it quite neat and natural - fluffy at the fronts of the brows and then more tailored towards the ends. Totally doable after using our kit - it's so versatile that you can style your brows any way that you want, depending on your mood and look for the day. And they'll stay put all day long!

Ah, and then there was this beauty! We loved watching Angela Bassett kicking ass in Gunpowder Milkshake. It's the new Kill Bill with an incredible cast! Her brows were definitely doing some ass-kicking at the Emmy's - super fluffy! Angela was on our RSVP list to attend our pre-emmy's gifting it possible that these brows could be Sélee???

The Misses!

We'll always think of her as " Cookie." Although we love Taraji P. Henson to death, she's not a total miss in our books, cause we can see the effort was made...but it did not completely deliver. You can totally see that Taraji was going for that Sélee fluffy brow, however it looks a little too choppy. I wish we could have done her brows to make them look a little more uniform and seamless. Maybe next time! Taraji, hit us up for your next red carpet!

Ugly Betty no more! America Ferrera has come a long way since those Ugly Betty days. America is naturally blessed with incredibly full brows. These brows fell a bit flat for us. Although still very pretty, I feel that there was so much lost potential here with these naturally fabulous brows! These brows are so 10 years ago! The things we could have done with these...oh my! America, please call us next time :)!

Oh sweet, sweet Mandy Moore! How can you not love her! She definitely also made the effort for that Sélee fluffy brow. But whoever did her makeup, just made them look way too harsh and unnatural for her face. You can see the clear definitive lines of what looks like deliberate brow strokes done with a pencil and that underline border...ugh, too harsh! We would have much rather, a softer more blended pencil to flatter Mandy's soft features that would accentuate the fluffy look that is so synonymous with being Sélee.

I have loved Kathryn Hahn since How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days! She's such an amazing actress with naturally full brows. But, Kathryn's brows did not raise the bar in the Emmy brow-game. We would have loved to create some killer fluffy and wispy brows for her. It would have completely amped up her effortlessly chic look for the Emmy's.