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Sélee's First At-Home Brow Lamination Kit

All-natural easy-to-use brow lift kit

Sélee started as a teenage dream to create a luxurious, innovative and incredible clean line of beauty that is forward thinking and accessible to all. 

Our founder wanted to create a line that was not only attractive, but clinically exceptional with safe, pure, potent ingredients that have been proven to improve the quality of your skin. 

As a young girl, Sélee was obsessed with the idea of beauty and discovering natural methods to achieve ever-lasting beauty in the most safest and natural way possible.

It was her dream to curate thoughtfully formulated products that were inclusive and would work wonders for all types of skin and individuals around the world. By following the Sélee beauty rituals, anyone is able to access professional spa quality products as well as achieve that youthful radiance as we continue to age - this is what Sélee calls the "Fountain Of Youth, Au Naturale."

Our first high demand product is our all-natural, easy-to-use, safe, long-lasting, at-home brow lamination kit to achieve that uber trendy fluffy brow!

Her goal was to allow women of all shapes and colours, regardless of their economic status, to have access to spectacular professional-grade beauty so that each woman could strive to be gracefully elegant, to be radiant and to be effortlessly beautiful. That Refined Timeless Beauty...this is what it is to Be Sélee.

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