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#1 DIY Brow Lamination Kit
Takes less than 15 minutes
Lasts 2 months
At a fraction of in salon prices

Luxurious beauty that's meant for everyone - first ever all-natural professional at-home brow lift kit

The world's best all-natural professional at-home brow lamination kit

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Our Key Pillars

Refinement  Luxury  Purity 

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The Sélee woman is confident and self-assured who radiates graceful beauty in its purest form.



We believe in high potency and pure ingredients that deliver results!



By bringing luxurious professional high quality and effective products to you at an affordable cost, everyone gets the luxury of having a professional at-home spa experience. Because everyone deserves to look and feel radiant.

Who Is Sélee?

Origins of the Sélee Woman

Sélee comes from the root word "Se-lyun" (prounouced Sé-lyun) which means to be or become a person of sophistication, refined beauty and class. The Sélee woman is just that! Our line of products have been carefully formulated to allow women to achieve that high-end luxurious beauty that produces the results of graceful and pure elegance. Are you ready to be Sélee?

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